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Mineral Water Delivery.

We are giving best Quality Mineral water which is 100% fit for drinking.
100% Free Home Delivery with No Hidden charges, at your Door Step
We make quick conveyance so nobody can run low on mineral water with every day, week after week and month to month package
Serves to everyone
We serve to everyone Schools,Universities, Offices,Hospitals, and Homes
Pure by Nature
The purest form of hydration coming straight from nature. We are for everyone pursuing healthy hydration and natural products

Pure Drinking water

Best Deals

5 Gallon bottle for mineral water is enough to keep you hydrated throughout the week at work or at home. Also can use in the office for staff drinking. But u can use it for making a hot cup of coffee/tea to take you through the day.

5 Gallon mineral water plastic bottle for in-home utilization. Perfect for utilizing in the kitchen for cooking purposes, savoring, saving the fridge. it is sufficient to meet your everyday water requirement for a long time. Yet additionally,

Our 1.5 Llight plastic bottled water is the best choice for parties, gatherings, and individual use. This bottle is ideal for fridge storage throughout the year. Our water is sweeteners free and the best

About Us

Mineral Water Delivery company is located in Muscat,Oman. We serve in all over the Muscat region.Our organization is notable for mineral water supply in Muscat, Oman. we resolved to gracefully you the best quality drinking water there can be. For this purpose, we have managed delivery system. We supply only bio-chemical and micro- biological tested water. and so forth we have wide scope of item satisfy the need of everybody. 

girl drinking pure water
What People Say


100% Free Home Delivery with No Hidden charges, at your Door Step

Client 1

High-quality drinking water at a reasonable price and taste is as good as freshwater no smell no after taste of chemicals… Best brand in town. Highly recommended.

Mr. Kewin

Client 2

This service has a great advantage. I was a bit worried about time, but it wasn’t a problem at all. They are very professional and punctual. Highly recommended.

Ms. Habiba

Client 3

One of the best water supply company specializing in Muscat. We are fully satisfied with quality and service. They have a quick delivery service.

Mr. Sohail

Client 4

I just started using this water supply service and it has key benefits. It saves me time. I would definitely recommend or respond to this water.

Mr. Khalil

Client 5

The only water can trust with my 1-year-old. The transparent filtration system and open door policy they offer is quite satisfying. And talk about the cleanliness of their working area it is commendable. Highly recommended.

Mr. Khalid

Client 6

* quality of water is good
* service is good as well
* Delivery is on time


Client 7

Good Staff, Good team, Very Fast, the Delivery team is very kind.

M. Nitural Pilipino

Client 8

Comments: Your product is good with low sodium content and cheaper than the other brand fast delivery service also. Thank you. I will order again next time.


Client 9

Excellent service thank u so much. We will order again InshaAllah if we finish our water.

Rochelle Chavez
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