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Mineral Water Delivery company is located in Muscat,Oman. We serve in all over the Muscat region.Our organization is notable for mineral water supply in Muscat, Oman. we resolved to gracefully you the best quality drinking water there can be. For this purpose, we have managed delivery system. We supply only bio-chemical and micro- biological tested water. and so forth we have wide scope of item satisfy the need of everybody. We flexibly mineral water of various brands everywhere throughout the city.


We having wide range of product from 200ml to 5Gallon container. For clients ease we have various package like daily, weekly, and monthly. So everyone can enjoy 100% purified mineral water with very quick delivery service within affordable for everyone.To ensure consistency across all quality benchmarks, we have kept human intervention to a minimum by automating as much of the purification process as possible.

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We aim to supply you cleaner and healthier water than ordinary tap water. We have world class labs and hire experts.The labs perform regular bio-chemical and micro- biological testing to ensure the water you drink is “as nature intended.” We are committed to the highest quality service and to continuous improvement of our processes. Your health important than anything else we are providing best quality water in less prices.


We plan to gracefully you cleaner and more advantageous water than common faucet water. We are focused on the most excellent help and to the nonstop improvement of our procedures. Your well-being is significant than all else we are giving the best quality water at less costs.

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Our Vision to be the leading water Suppler in Muscat. Be a successful leading business group in Oman that has a recognized contribution to the commercial, economic and social development of the country, and that adds value to the shareholders’ wealth and image

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